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Why is traffic getting worse?

Rush hour seems like rush hour and a half.  What's changed?


Maybe that CalTrans has reduced the Mulholland Bridge to two lanes from four?




So...there is now only one eastbound lane traversing the 405 intersecting Mulhulland Drive.  At that signal, it only takes one car waiting to turn left to keep a multitude of Westside-bound commuters waiting for the entire traffic light cycle.


Before the demolition of the two southern lanes of the Mulholland bridge, thousands of commuters frequently used the well-known Hayvenhurst-to-Calneva-to-Mulholland-to-Skirball-to-405 (or Sepulveda) shortcut to avoid the 101/405 transition to the Westside.  (AAA identified that interchange as the busiest freeway transition in the continental USA.)


Many motorists have decided to brave the 405 or find other alternatives to attempt to traverse the hills rather than wait in line up Hayvnehurst.


Hence more traffic, more hold ups. 


Don't despair, this will all be over in 2013.











Are you ready for Car-mageddon?

Check out this it's designed to help us cope with the experience of the 405 closure July 16-18. if you live in Sherman Oaks, my advice is to do your grocery shopping before the weekend, stock up on you favorite beverage and have lots of magazines, movies or a good book at you disposal. If you're going stir-crazy and have to get out of the house or apartment,  take a walk to a local restaurant...the one on the corner you've been meaning to try. The walk home will feel great.


July's 53-hour closure of Interstate 405!!!

Warning motorists of potentially massive delays, transportation officials announced plans to shut down a 10-mile stretch of the 405 Freeway for 53 hours in July as part of an ongoing project to widen the expressway between the Westside and the San Fernando Valley. Starting before midnight on Friday, July 15, until early Monday, July 18, the northbound 405 will be closed between U.S. 101 and Interstate 10 so that workers can demolish half of the Mulholland Drive bridge as part of the $1-billion widening project. A four-mile stretch of the southbound 405 will also be closed. The closure is taking place over a weekend, but I wouldn't plan a day at the beach that weekend. It might actually be a good week to take a vacation as long as you don't depart or return through LAX on those days!


We Have New Obstacles to Our Commute.

Anyone traveling on Cody Road and/or Saugus on Friday (May 6) in the hills south of Valley Vista got a rude awakening on their morning and afternoon commute. Barricades were erected and morning commutes disrupted by the city's latest effort to resurface the hillside streets.  Yeah, No Parking signs were posted in advance of the city's street "beatification," but no warnings were given that roads were actually going to be closed. (By the way, aren't we in the middle of a historic budget crisis? Those streets don't look that bad!)

This may sound insignificant, but if you happen to live on one of those streets, and you are rudely confronted with a 12 hour blockade keeping you from your home, you might just be a little annoyed. 

And justifiably so.

The city has failed to inform residents of the closure of those streets, let alone commuters. This is a very irresponsible act on the part of the city, especially in light of the traffic disruption caused by Caltran's ongoing project to add a carpool lane to the 405. 

Wouldn't you think they would make an effort to coordinate and accommodate each others' efforts? That may just be too much to ask!


Retaining Wall Construction Along the 405 Freeway in Sherman Oaks

Retaining walls will be constructed along the northbound I-405 freeway in the Sherman Oaks area as part of the northbound carpool lane installation.  Construction of the retaining walls will necessitate widening the freeway to the east of the northbound lanes.  The wall will extend approximately 4,300 feet with a maximum height of 45 feet. It will span from a point 3,500 feet north of the Mullholland Bridge to 1,000 feet south of the northbound Ventura Boulevard off-ramp.  

The following provides general information regarding this stage of the project:

Construction begins in Early April, 2011

Duration of the construction will be approximately 15 months

Construction will take place during the day and night

What activities should you to expect:

  • Anticipate that the majority of the wall construction will occur during the day time hours, while night time work will be limited.
  • Night time work may require one or two lane closures on the northbound I-405.
  • Occasional closure of the northbound Ventura off-ramp will take place to facilitate the work.
  • Construction trucks will access and exit the work zone (and "crusher station") via the northboundi-405 freeway.

Construction dates and times are subject to change, of course.  For questions, please contact Metro Community Relations at 310-846-3564 or visit the Caltrans website at or follow them on Twitter at

Hopefully, after the project is completed, your rush-hour commute will be a little easier...hopefully.